Smart pet home, is a gimmick or tuyere?

Xiao su left her two pet cats at home in Beijing during this year’s May Day holiday. “There are ‘pet cameras’ in real time, automatic feeders and water dispensers. After a few days, I won’t worry about the cat.” In recent years, the rapid growth of pet owners in China has boosted the pet economy and the smart home industry has developed rapidly. Intelligent products with different functions cover all aspects of pet “eating, drinking, defecating and sleeping”, saving time and effort. Sounds cool and looks beautiful, but are pet smart home products a tuyere or a gimmick?

Covers cat “eating, drinking, defecating and sleeping”

China’s pet consumption market reached 170.8 billion yuan, up 27 percent from 2017, according to the 2018 white paper on China’s pet industry. By 2020, the size of the consumer market may reach 200 billion yuan. The number of pet owners in China’s urban areas has reached 73.55 million in 2018, with 75 percent of them born in the 1980s and 1990s.

A series of commercial activities, including production, sales and service, have supported the market size of more than 100 billion yuan. Consumption patterns such as pet food, pet supplies and pet medical care are driving the development of the pet economy. Among them, consumers’ demand for pet household products creates new opportunities for the smart home industry.

The reporter searches in treasure to discover, at present with “pet intelligence lives in” the product of the name head is numerous, its function also covered each link that pet raises.

For example, when it comes to pet diets, smart feeding and drinking products abound. Smart feeding machine can store dry food for pets, and owners can remotely feed “three meals” with their mobile phone. Intelligent drinking machine with running water, heat preservation, filtration and other functions, can provide clean drinking water for pets in time. Even if the owner leaves home, but also for love pet “service”. In addition, smart pet cameras allow owners to monitor their pets’ every move. Many cameras also add functions such as aromatherapy, awakening, conversation and play to solve the “love pains” of owners.

Whether at home or out, smart home and equipment have great opportunities to show off. For example, the pet nest with intelligent temperature control can provide comfortable temperature for pets. Many owners have also fitted their dogs with smart collars, which are similar to human wristbands and have built-in GPS to track their pets’ movements and health data, making it less likely they will get lost when they go out.

The price is the most expensive, I am afraid to be a smart cat toilet. The reporter previously saw a product in the Beijing pet supplies exhibition, can immediately automatic cleaning of cat feces, but also deodorization, cleaning, greatly reduce the “shovel excrement official” work. But pet owners also pay a hefty price. A domestic smart cat toilet costs around 2,000 yuan, while imported products cost more than 5,000 yuan. Even so, many pet owners are still flocking to their pets. According to statistics, on November 11 last year, Tmall mall alone sold 400 imported smart cat toilets in one day.

We need to feed and feed well

Behind the popularity of smart pet home is the rapid development of China’s pet economy and pet consumption. The personage inside course of study points out, income level, single population growing and aging degree of factors, such as to promote the development of the “economy”, by raising pets such as cats and dogs in their feelings, is becoming a new consumption and living habits, the significance of the pet to master from “accessories” to “companion”.

With the transformation of pet roles, pet owners have more and more needs. In addition to basic pet consumption, more and more young people not only want to “keep” their pets, but also want to “keep them well”. Accordingly, hold practical and beautiful concurrently and can “liberate” the intelligent equipment of host is favored greatly.

According to a set of data released by Tmall international, from 2016 to 2018, the number of people buying pet products of Tmall international increased by three times and the transaction amount increased by more than 10 times. Among them, pet smart home equipment is becoming the new mainstream of pet consumption.

In fact, not only in China, but also in Europe and the United States, the demand for pet care “broken heart.” Earlier this year, tesla, an American electric car company, introduced a “dog model” that automatically adjusts the car’s temperature. When the driver leaves the pet alone in the car, the intelligent system of the car can automatically adjust the air conditioner and maintain the comfortable temperature inside the car, so as to ensure the life safety of pets in hot weather.

Companies can’t just make fast money

Although pet smart home seems to be in the wind, but faced with many doubts.

The personage inside course of study says, at present many so-called smart pet products actually not smart – “water dispenser and a water pump is a smart water dispenser, ordinary camera take” pet “two words, is to turn over” – many vendors is betting the pet consumption boom, and create a lot of gimmicks, the quality of the product didn’t go up, prices jumped on the first day.

Many pet owners interviewed by the reporter said that smart pet home products are still more conceptual than practical. Previously, a well-known domestic pet products manufacturer’s intelligent cat litter products, due to design defects caused by the product upside down, suffocating the pet, attracted the attention of Internet users. Many pet owners hope that manufacturers will seriously consider designing products for their pets, and not hurt people’s love of pets by making a quick buck.

Earlier this year, baidu engineers developed an artificial intelligence stray cat nest attracted a lot of attention. In addition to temperature control devices and smart cameras, the cat litter also features “cat face recognition”, “neutering identification” and “sick cat identification” based on AI (artificial intelligence) technology to protect cats and control stray cat breeding. This heartwarming move has made many people thumb up, and may be the way to the success of smart pet products in the future — smarter and more practical.