Why master go up toilet, the cat is to like to follow go in?

In recent years, the popularity of owning cats has almost surpassed that of dogs. Cats are not as clingy as dogs and don’t need to take time to walk. If you have something to do, leave him alone for a few days.

There are pet bacteria found at ordinary times in the home personality high cold cat, when there are pet bacteria into the toilet, will immediately curious with small steps to run over, clap-door, must open the door to drill in. No matter what the pet fungus says, it will come in and look at the pet fungus going to the toilet. So, why do cats like to watch their owners go to the bathroom?

Cats are, after all, felines and very territorial. When she’s at home for a long time, she thinks it’s her place, so she patrols the house every day. But when we go to the bathroom, we close the door so the cat can’t see what’s going on. At this time he will feel that she can not see their own territory, coupled with the natural sense of territory of the cat, of course, constantly clinging to the door, inspection.

So cats like to watch their owners go to the bathroom, mainly because of territorial concerns, and sometimes because of curiosity. So cats like to see the owner to go to the toilet, or because of natural reasons.