Cats don’t like litter boxes! How to teach it

The potty and poop are two of the most important things in a cat’s life, and the key to training a cat to have proper parenting. It is recommended to start by training the cat to defecate at home and then increase the training requirements after the cat feels its new environment becomes its home.

(1) cats are accustomed to finding a soft place to use the toilet, and most kittens can use the toilet instinctively at the age of 4 to 6 weeks. The retarded ones need help:

Rub a towel, tissue, or soft cloth over your kitten’s anus after eating. It will most likely urinate into the basin, then quickly place it into the basin and gently place its front PAWS in the bedpan. If the cat doesn’t like to use the bedpan, you have to do something about it, or you might get a mess all over the house.

(2) keep the cat in the pen with the bedpan, which is only padded with soft materials. The restriction is forcing the cat to poop in the bedpan. Using this method on the most stubborn cats is enough to set them right.

(3) make sure that its urine and feces in any place are cleaned and disinfected, remove residual odor, because cats often follow the smell back, where to pull, do not clean up the next time in that place again. Dry cleaners can also be used to help eliminate odors.

(4) place the bowl where it has been cleaned so the cat will not defecate there.

(5) if the problem persists, check with a veterinarian.

【 warm tips 】After some cats learn to use bedpan, still have accident happening and annoy host, among them have change place, physical force reason to wait. Don’t yell at it for any reason, because when the opportunity arises, it will reward you with even more wrong behavior, what behaviorists call “inappropriate urination.”