How to nurse the weaning period of small milk cat?

The weaning of a baby cat is a big event for cats. People are three years old and 80 years old, and cats are weaned and live their whole lives. This glorious and arduous task, as the parents of a baby cat, are you ready?

How to wean a newborn cat?

When a cat is weaned, start by giving her 10 percent of her daily calorie requirement. Add an appropriate amount of dry food according to the amount written on the package of baby cat food, and then you can use pet special sheep milk powder or warm water, after soaking soft, you can feed the baby to eat. Over the next two to three weeks, they will gradually break away from their mother’s feeding and become accustomed to eating cat food.

Gradually reduce the amount of milk and increase the amount of dry food, until the cat fully adapt to the dry food, about 8-10 weeks old can be fed to all the dry food kittens. Weaning cats eat 4-5 meals a day until they are 6 months old. Transition slowly, weaning will not cause the baby gastrointestinal maladjustment oh. Try to follow a fixed schedule to feed, this will not only allow the cat to develop good eating habits, but also contribute to gastrointestinal absorption.

Weaning notes

1. Take it slow, don’t be impatient: not all baby cats adapt quickly to weaning, so it’s normal for some babies to make a slow transition. Parents may feel disheartened, but I believe our pet parents are very patient and responsible

2. Stay dry and warm: weaning can be one of the most “windy” periods of a cat’s life, with baby cats often covered in milk, gunk, and even pee and poop! So parents are needed to gently wipe “leftovers” off your cat’s body with a warm, wet towel, and then keep the litter ventilated and dry.

3. Feed according to cat body size: for small and medium-sized breeds, if the baby is still hungry, give a little more food; But eating too much can put you over weight, putting a strain on your joints and bones later on, so follow the exact directions on the package of cat food. At this point, a smart feeding bowl can help.

4. Pay attention to how your cat is feeling: don’t take your kitten away from her while she is nursing. This will not only make her wary, but also affect her learning and growth. When the kittens are 10 weeks old, they will separate naturally. Don’t worry!