Why do cats like to go to the bathroom?

TIG courage is small, have what breeze move, can have reaction immediately. Miraculously, he is not afraid of water, or even, when the toilet is open, he comes to play.

His curiosity about the toilet was too strong. Whoever takes a bath in it, and sits in the pit, will see it through the glass door.

It had been said before that the cat was afraid that we might drown, and so kept watch in great fear.

But when I go to the toilet, it will also immediately curious small small step to run over, clings to the door, must open the door to drill into. No surprise success, waiting for me to come out, again the cat body rushed in.

As a naturally water-shy cat, why are you so interested in a wet toilet?

Recently know the answer, cats as cats, territorial awareness is very strong.

When she’s at home for a long time, she thinks it’s her territory, so she patrols the house every day.

But when we go to the bathroom, we close the door so the cat can’t see what’s going on. At this time he will feel that she can not see their own territory, coupled with the natural sense of territory of the cat, of course, constantly clinging to the door, inspection.

So cats like to see their owners go to the toilet, mainly because of territorial awareness, and sometimes because of curiosity.

TIG likes to watch his master go to the toilet, or is his natural curiosity trumping his fear of water?