Will you pay for the “it economy”

In the popular variety show “longing for life”, shiba inu, Muscovy duck and lamb are loved by the audience for their “human” images such as “eating machine ladle”, “philosopher Nicholas lamp” and “eaveseaveson the heavenly tyrant in the corner”. On weibo, weiwei and pipi have easily gained 161,000 fans for their “gentlemen talk but don’t do anything” fight sitcoms. Weibo cute pet chaohua community has attracted 127,000 fans, with 142,000 posts so far receiving 6.43 billion views…

The cute pet element has swept across social media platforms, becoming one of the most popular content, the reporter found. At the same time, web celebrity pet live promotion, e-commerce with goods, also obtained a large traffic dividend. How does a pet become web celebrity? Web celebrity pet created “it economy” phenomenon and how to promote traffic into sales?

Role marketing to create circle fans “dog Dan” “cat design”

Good looking skin is the same, interesting soul in a million. On social media platforms, there are plenty of pets that rely on their appearance, but in order to be “web celebrity” among many pets, “dog” and “cat” are also very important.

The master of a maye, the man behind the alcoholic, “heartless” tear home, advertising cat big MAO… Created by video blogger “old father-in-law of the people”, these adorable pets have become idols in the pet circle due to their interesting positioning and attracting fans.

“Web celebrity pets are not as easy to build as on the surface. It is difficult to shape the image of web celebrity pets only by the power of ‘shoveling shit’. According to an employee at a web celebrity incubation brokerage firm in Shanghai, not only do pets need to be designed for grooming and styling, they also need to be positioned according to their own attributes during the star-making process. He used an Internet description of a “drunkard family” joke for example, said, tearing home is funny, with his funny behavior to contribute jokes, to attract passers-by fans; Big bottom is show MOE play, by acting like a spoiled child to attract sister powder and so on. “These are not innate, they are built from the habits of pets.” “The worker said.

Today, web celebrity pets are few and far between, but their popularity is not weak, thanks to professional team operation and a mature method. “For example, pets can be ‘spoken’ through voice acting and other personification methods, and the Angle of view of pets can be selected in shooting techniques, so that audiences can know more about themselves in the eyes of pets, thereby increasing the involvement of fans.” Many pet bloggers choose to use short video to recommend their pets, the official said. In his opinion, even a one-minute video is not easy to plan — it has to go through planning, operation, directing, editing, post-production and other links. For those cute bloggers who want to attract followers quickly through short video, they should pay more attention to the quality of video content. “The first few seconds, in particular, can determine whether or not your target audience is willing to continue reading, so it’s important to design this part of the content in such a way that it stimulates the user’s desire to continue reading.”

Web celebrity pet ripening “it’s economical”

“Qibao is loyal and honest, but also naughty. It makes us happy. Every time I see it after work, all the tiredness will go up in smoke. In 2011, Ms. Gao, a nanjing resident, opened an account for her family, qibao, to share her life and interesting pictures. Among them, the one with the best communication effect, thumb up, received 16,000 messages, 204 comments and 108 retweets. Now, qibao also has 217,000 fans for its cute and adorable image.

The popularity of seven treasure is higher and higher, not only attracted friends from all over the country to come to nanjing with their pets “to meet friends with dogs”, but also changed the life of the high lady. “I often make small snacks and toys for qibao, and some netizens suggested I open an online store to sell these gadgets.” In 2012, the taobao store of “qibao golden hair” was officially opened, specializing in pet food and supplies. With the power of microblog broad V, taobao store started quickly. Due to the excellent quality of goods, coupled with qibao fans support, taobao shop operation so far, the evaluation indicators are far more than peers. At present, the store has more than 400 kinds of goods, imported from many countries.

Not only do they create their own e-commerce brands, but journalists have noticed that many cute pet bloggers will cooperate with merchants after accumulating a large amount of traffic, and “guide traffic” through online live broadcasting and other ways to turn traffic into sales.

On May 29, “old father-in-law of the people” released a live broadcast, with “drunkard family” and many netizens together to catch up, “by the way” promote a brand of cleaning robot. The 80-minute video earned 5.782 million hits and 16,580 gold COINS during the night. After seeing the cute pets’ love for acting, netizens said they would chop off their hands after the live broadcast. “So to speak, this is a good case of traffic + content driving cash flow.” Dong minna, an analyst at analysys interactive entertainment industry center, said that the huge traffic volume and fast and effective realization mode make it possible to release the dividends of “it economy”.

According to a report by an Internet platform, 12-12 generated nearly 4 million orders in 2018. Industry insiders say, “it economy” is no longer a single shelf-type breeding model, and become an emphasis on personalized consumer demand pet ecology.

Pet IP “where is the road?”

“I think the so-called Internet celebrities, or web celebrity pets, it is the most important position is the Internet, the most continuous mature way of realization is e-commerce, in this point, the two tend to be the same.” Dong minna told reporters that after a detailed understanding of web celebrity pets, she found that the two have a lot of similarities.

“First of all, web celebrity economic explosion comes from the interwoven effects of multiple tuyere industries.” Dong minna further explained that in the era of “we media”, community e-commerce, video live broadcast, e-sports and other competitive industries have broadened opportunities and channels for ordinary people and ordinary pets to become famous. However, most of the small and medium amount of pet weibo accounts, douyin accounts and live feeds are generated in such “organic soil”.

However, dong minna admitted that the flow of such groups to rise space and liquidity is very limited. In order to enrich the ways of realization and make the ways of earning traffic fees more diversified, the ecological map of web celebrity industry, which is composed of web celebrity e-commerce incubator, network generated content producer, web celebrity training institution and content platform, is gradually enriched. “That’s the second point I want to make. MCN (multi-channel Network) is a company that has the ability and resources to help content producers. After analyzing several super pets on weibo, dong minna found that they all have capital power behind them. Through the blessing of these professional companies, pet IP has become more possible. “Some web celebrity companies choose relatively matching tone of the first generation of web celebrity pets, to provide personnel, funds, guidance, and so on, to help build a personal brand or famous shops, but also with their own IP bloggers have made a name to cooperate, jointly develop the cute pet commercial value.

Interview, many industry insiders say that in all want to be a “shovel excrement officer”, “the web celebrity” two characters seem to be more play a connecting role: it fully play the “emotion” and “content” brand, and keep the people gathered a batch of love pet, give pet IP with commercial value, become an engine to promote the development of “the economy”. However, in order to go a long way with “it economy”, it is necessary for the creators to continue to subdivide the content, deeply define their own high-quality original content, highlight the personality and tonality of pets, and extend the life of pet IP.