The right way to bathe a dog

Don’t think that bathing is easy. Bathing a dog is like bathing a human baby. If you bathe in the wrong way, it can make your dog resistant to bathing, or it can lead to illness. That’s a good point. Teach your dog the right way to bathe right now.

1.Brush and clean eyes and ears

Brush your dog before wet water to remove any loose hair and remove the knots, reducing the tangles that get worse when wet. Since you need to keep water out of your eyes and ears when taking a shower, clean these sensitive areas first. Wipe the corners of your dog’s eyes with a warm, wet towel and wash your eyes and ears with special eye drops and ear drops. Dogs with more fluffy ears also have ear plucks in case cerumen builds up, creating an environment in which bacteria can thrive. After that, you can put medical cotton in your dog’s ears to prevent water from entering your ears when you take a shower later. More exquisite can be put on the dog’s eye cream, to protect the eyes.

2. Confirm water temperature

Before bathing, the owner should adjust the water temperature before putting the dog into the water. Otherwise, the inappropriate water temperature can startle them, creating a psychological fear of bathing. The appropriate water temperature for a dog is just a touch warm.

3. Moisturize and apply body lotion

Must not use the water pressure too big nozzle directly to the dog spray water, frighten the dog, later do not like to take a shower on the trouble. The hair should be gently wetted with a towel. Then the pet body wash will be squeezed onto the hands, first rub to make foam, then gently scratch the dog’s body, evenly apply the bubble on the dog’s hair, for the dogs this process is like a massage, they will enjoy very much, but be careful to avoid the face, so as not to foam into the eyes or into the nose.

4. Rinse

After the bubbles are fully immersed in the dog’s hair, we will perform the final rinse. Be careful that the water pressure of the nozzle is not too high. And be sure to wash away any foam or dirt that remains on your body, which can affect hair and skin.

5. Blow dry the hair

Before blow-drying your dog, use a towel to soak up excess water and then dry the dog. For example, long haired dogs, such as Maltese, shih, Yorkshire terriers, need to be blow-dried along the trend, while poodles, biceps and other poodles need to be blow-dried against the trend. In the hair blowing process, the hair dryer should not be close to the hair, need to maintain a distance of more than 20cm, using warm rather than hot wind. At the same time, brush the blow-dried hair. When drying your facial hair, keep it a little farther away from your face and hold your hand over your dog’s eyes to prevent hot air from touching them and causing fear. If the dog is not particularly obedient, it is best to find a partner to cooperate, one person to appease the dog, the other can be operated.

All bath steps are completed, small dirty children shed a stain, change back to clean lovely baby! Reward good babies with treats, comfort and food, and your dog will love bathing