The 3 needles protect life vaccine of dog, how to hit?

I have seen countless pet cats and dogs, because they were not vaccinated in time, they were brought home by the buyers and suffered from distemper, parvo, coronavirus and other fatal diseases, which caused the owners to be extremely sad and want to cry without tears.

The environment a dog lives in before and after birth, before coming to its owner’s home, and during transportation can lead to fatal infections.

So here to tell you pet friends, vaccination on time for dogs, is to protect life. Be sure to receive at least two shots of the vaccine.

When is the first shot?

First shot immunization: the first shot of vaccination is given to the dog. This should be done at least six weeks after birth and in good health.

Be born directly when 8 weeks begin vaccinate 4 couplet or 6 couplet vaccine, total 3 needles, every needle interval 3 weeks, rabies vaccine can vaccinate at the same time when vaccinate 3 times, also can pass a week vaccinate again, vaccinate 4 couplet or 6 couplet vaccine and rabies vaccine every year after full one year of life can.

The average dog’s physical health can be judged in three simple ways: mentally active, eating and drinking, and urinating and defecating normally. At this point, if the dog turns the age of the dog, you can take it to the pet hospital for the veterinarian to be vaccinated.

At this point, some parents may ask, why can’t dogs get vaccinated if they are not healthy?

This is because the current market vaccines are mostly weak virus vaccine, and this vaccine is an external invasion, will also be infected, so need the resistance of dogs to resist, resistance is not good will produce a series of rejection reaction. So vaccinating dogs in unhealthy conditions can be counter-productive, so it’s best not to vaccinate them when they’re not healthy.

[attention] : hit the first shot of vaccine dog physique will decline, do not give the dog bath and take it out, in case of illness or infection.

Dog protects life vaccine, how is the 2nd needle hit?

Second vaccination: the second vaccination is given to the dog. Vaccinations should be given 21 days after the first injection to ensure good health.

At this time, need to pay attention to do in vivo and in vitro deworming and environmental care. The correct way of insect repellent is to do the first time in the puppy when 2 weeks old insect repellent, full moon the second time in vivo insect repellent, 2 months old can do in vivo and in vitro insect repellent, the amount of insect repellent need to be strictly fed according to the weight at that time, the proposal under the guidance of the veterinarian.

Environmental care needs to keep the dog resting place constant temperature, because the breed specific temperature tolerance is also different, as long as the dog does not shiver sleep is generally no problem. Need to pay attention to is not to let it lie prone to the floor for a long time, this is because the belly of the dog is hairless, very easy to catch cold and cause the outbreak of gastrointestinal diseases infectious diseases, must not be ignored.

And the outside environment is complex, it is best not to let the dog go out during vaccination, so as not to get sick. As long as parents keep the rest area dry and clean, and keep the dog away from the damp environment, the dog will generally survive the second phase in good health.

3. Dog life vaccine: is the third dose important?

Puppies get three shots of the vaccine because of the need to repeatedly stimulate memory lymphocytes, which is determined by biological immunology.

Most of the first dose of the vaccine is consumed by binding to the parent antibody, which produces only a small amount of antibody for a short time. The specific immune response can only produce more antibodies and maintain the effect in the long term under the stimulation of reasonable interval of time.

Specifically, it takes two to three weeks for puppies to develop large amounts of antibodies when they are stimulated by an antigenic substance called a vaccine. However, the number of antibodies produced for the first time is very small, the duration of maintenance is short, and the combination of parent antibodies, the remaining antibodies are not effective for infectious diseases, can not play the role of epidemic prevention, so the first shot is equivalent to cannon fodder.

After the initial vaccination, the second inoculation is conducted at an interval of 2-3 weeks. At this time, the puppy B cells proliferate and differentiate memory cells and plasma cells, and rapidly produce corresponding antibodies. Finally, with the third dose, the intensity and duration of immunization can last for a long time, so the initial immunization usually needs three times.

So after the third injection needs to continue to observe a week, a week no abnormal can be sent to the beauty shop to wash the dog.