A man who took his pet dog on a bus was refused permission to take it

A man with a pet dog who tried to take bus no. 361 refused to get off the bus, saying he had dropped a coin, after being dissuaded by the driver. At this time, a enthusiastic passenger took the initiative to take out one yuan of money, resolve the dispute, the man just got off.

A man carrying a black backpack boarded a no.361 bus at shuiqinggou station in Qingdao at about 15:30 on Jan. 8 and sat in a three-seat seat behind the driver’s cab. The car just pulled out of the station, a boy sitting beside the male passengers went to the driver song liangqin side said to her: “aunt, an uncle with a dog on the bus.” Song liangqin heard a passenger with a pet on the bus, immediately pulled over the car to ask the boy who was the passenger, the boy pointed to is the male passenger carrying a black backpack.

For the safety of passengers, song liangqin asked the man to open the backpack, but the man did not cooperate. Song liangqin said: “master, the bus company has a clear rule, pets can not take the bus, please get off for other means of travel.” After listening to the man immediately refuted, insisted that the toy dog, not live animals. According to song liangqin, when she asked the man to open the bag for her to see, he said, “I have already put COINS in, and I won’t get out of the car unless I get a refund!” And resolute, must ask for one yuan to get off. At this point, the passengers in the car could not look past, a woman from the back of the car to give the man a dollar. Getting the fare, the man got off with his bag.

According to the regulations on bus riding in Qingdao, it is forbidden to carry smelly and dirty articles, live animals and other animals (except guide dogs) on buses. Ji aili, secretary of the fourth branch of Qingdao bus city north bus co., LTD, said that buses, as public transportation means for citizens, belong to the category of public places, and passengers should abide by social ethics and jointly maintain public safety.