Cat coffee is hot because it cures social autism?

The proliferation of traditional cafes offering a third space and Internet cafes dominated by takeout instant drinks has made the “xiaozi” drink available. Drink coffee, already became many xiaozi, white-collar everyday recreational, the first selection means of feed. So, would anyone care for a 99 yuan instant coffee made with powder? Believe the answer is no. But add some elements or conditions to the expensive instant coffee – such as stroking the cat while drinking it – and you’ll find that the meow changes…

That’s right. It refers to the “cat coffee” that has been popular in first-tier and second-tier cities recently. Cat coffee is not a new thing, one or two years ago began to appear, but the business model of the “pain point” is gradually in the past two years in the user group, but also looming, let a part of the people relishing, can not stop.

According to the 2018 white paper on China’s pet industry released by, China’s pet (dog and cat) market consumption reached 170.8 billion yuan last year, up 27% year on year and expanding nearly fivefold compared with 2012.

Of course, this one hundred billion market contains all kinds of things, and cat coffee is a niche market. In the cat people, 80, 90 after accounting for nearly 80 percent, in order to “cat”, many young people at krypton money to buy adoption. Users who do not have access to a cat will have to spend money on “cat coffee”, high-priced meals and meat-handling.

Because of this, “cat coffee” small but beautiful like Internet coffee shop, in the first and second tier began to break out, and quickly appeared in various communities, attracting many cat owners, cat lovers interest, thus creating a new pet consumer market.

So, how to open a very internet-minded and profitable “cat coffee”?

Demand for “cat smoking” is high, so is “cat coffee” promising?

“A cat is a reflection of many people’s spiritual world, so it’s really a new direction, a new field of entrepreneurship.” In the field of the Internet nearly a decade, experienced many entrepreneurial failure wu xiangdong. Recently, I have been visiting many “cat cafes” in guangzhou and shenzhen. As a post-75th generation, cat pets do not attract him much. He thinks about young people who smoke cats. Every time he goes to a cat cafe, he likes to order a cup of high-priced instant coffee, hide in a corner away from cats, and quietly observe the behavior of young “cat smokers”, which he thinks will be a new business opportunity.

“I’m planning to open a cat themed cafe in nanshan, shenzhen.” He told the paper that although “cat coffee” has emerged in first-tier and second-tier cities, it is still difficult to meet the increasing demand for “sucking cats” and handling them. As long as the market demand, even if it is to follow the trend of entrepreneurship, he also felt confident.

In addition to six months to accumulate in “cat coffee” consumption nearly ten thousand yuan, drink a belly of instant coffee, wu xiangdong also often rush about in guangzhou many cat houses, the hope can find “eye catching”, and the price is appropriate “cat master son”. In his opinion, the more expensive the cat, the better. “After all, the cat in the cafe is often touched by customers, so it can’t be too expensive.” He said with a smile, especially there are many young customers, often no light no weight holding cats, playing cats, a long time in the past to ensure that cats fall what kind of dark disease.

If you buy a high-priced purebred cat, be stroked out of iron will love. But the Chinese rural cats, blue cats and other common breeds and lack of characteristics, it is difficult to attract “suction cat” patronize. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a few cats that are moderately priced and come with some breed characteristics and cultural connotations. “It’s either too expensive or too few features. There are so many restrictions on adopting a feline, it’s not easy to do anything.” Wu xiangdong told understand understand notes, if the adoption of cats, occasionally find a lot of breed pedigree cats, but cat owners are basically not allowed to adopt cats for commercial use. And cat owners will regularly return visits to prevent adopters from abusing and abandoning cats. These difficulties bothered him so much that buying a cat was now the only way.

In addition to the cat source problem, usually open restaurant store location decoration is also a very critical issue. However, wu xiangdong said that the location should not be considered too much, he thinks the business is not too inconsistent with the normal business logic. “Arrive to seek a home high-grade village, rent 3 rooms 2 hall enough, after all raise a cat to need big space.” Wu xiangdong tells understand to understand note, wide and deep many “cat coffee” open inside the civilian curate of high-grade residence, because the big space rent of bottom business and outlet is too high. If you rent residential houses, you can not only save the rent expense, but also create a comfortable atmosphere for the subsequent decoration. Especially, after the chain operation, the atmosphere of cat coffee in each community should be similar. “pastoral style, Nordic style and so on, it is really too warm and wonderful. “He said, quite intoxicated.

As we all know, cats are domestic pets with their own flow constitution. Many “cat coffee” also regard the cat as the drainage “tool”, attracts the cat owner, the cat lover to go to the consumption. But can the “cat coffee”, which is in the middle of the city and lacks the flow of people in the business district, really have good business?

“Deep alley” also has cat owners

“Running a cat cafe is not as simple as copying a tiger. Our cat cafe needs to pay attention to the Internet concept.” Yang minli, a female student born in 1995, proudly said that her cat coffee is not so crowded, but there are always a lot of people who want to buy it. Deep in the high-rise residential area, this four bedroom with 120 square meters has been crowded with up to 36 customers.

She explained that the rent of “cat coffee” costs 16,000 yuan per month, which is not a low cost. In addition, the warm and unique decoration style of this cat coffee is spent nearly 300,000 yuan before and after. The material quality is not bad, and the appearance is quite gorgeous.

“Based on the current business situation, including the cat money, we will be able to pay back our investment in about six months.” Yang minli optimistic that today’s daily turnover, the average maintained at about 4,500 yuan. Her cat coffee has attracted many white-collar workers because of proper marketing through social networks, while her regular revenue mainly consists of coffee, western refreshments and customers buying homemade cat snacks.

She would not say much about the cost of coffee, fast food and cat snacks, saying only that it was low, “lower than you think.” I found that in addition to instant coffee, most of the meals were made by microwave heating. As for cat snacks, it was common to bake chicken breasts. “Most people aren’t looking for food quality or taste. The vast majority of them are looking for grooming.” She laughs that cat owners’ pain points are very concentrated. Although their “cat coffee” is not in the busy business circle, it is because they have found a new way to get customers that they have achieved their current achievements. The common mode is to attract customers through group purchase and review platforms, and users find “cat coffee” by searching keywords related to cats. Then go to offline stores to spend money through group purchase packages and vouchers.

Her cat coffee, however, may have a different route. “Although it’s a group purchase, the price is not cheap. Dinner set meals cost 50 to 60 yuan each.” Yang minli said that some of her peers have even introduced a “meiri voucher”, which costs between 20 and 40 yuan to handle cats after meals.

General consumer in “cat coffee” consumption level in hundreds of yuan, also have “tuhao” deal or no deal, one-time purchase of hundreds of yuan of cat snacks, only for the bo cat a “le”, and the cat also for “food” dedication, any touch any lu.

“In fact, group buying is not our main approach. We attract targeted users by doing short video and live streaming.” In order to attract more consumption ability cat slave to your door, min-li Yang and teams often “cat cafes” live on their own, and elaborate some interesting content, plus a team of young ideas, often combined with the current channel TV, web celebrity stars, some hot topics on the high-quality goods, make their short video content to harvest a lot of attention.

There are even users from guangzhou, foshan, huizhou and other surrounding areas attracted by the famous, consumption mecat (may also be in order to see short video beauty). They believe that as long as cats are used as an entry point, “cat coffee” will not be afraid of no business. “some little brothers and sisters can’t come to our cat coffee, so they offer rewards and raise cats, so that cat food is basically free of cost.” “Says ms Yang.

Market competition has appeared white-hot. Among the owners of “cat coffee”, it is no longer about search optimization and praise, but about the variety, number, cuteness and marketing ideas of cats. As long as there are enough kinds of cats and they are cute enough, it doesn’t matter if the drinks and meals are not so good.

Some netizens commented on the lake that, faced with the current hot cat coffee phenomenon, they can only say that this weird consumption concept may only appear in the “cat coffee” with the same “pathological” profit model.

So, cat suckers love cats so much, why don’t they just get one and act as the cat suckers themselves? So when want to meiri, want to suck are free, why not?

Conquer “high cold”, cure loneliness

“There are many friends who have cats around, most of whom are Chinese rural cats.” When communicating with some young people in “cat coffee”, I found that most of the customers were white-collar workers and non-locals, i.e. their parents and family members were not around. After 95 “suction cat tribe” li tong told understand notes, because of single, she and many friends of the same age will be lonely life on the pet. And the cat itself that high cold, arrogant, confused, lazy character, especially attract young women.

“To be able to identify and resonate with cats, and to have a sense of conquest.” She said, a little shyly, that cats are solitary by nature and not all people can be touched or handled. As a result, there is a strange and unique sense of accomplishment once a cat trusts you. In addition, most workers generally rent rental houses, the environment, space are not allowed to keep pets. Some landlords even forbid bringing pets to the rented house, and some neighbors complain about pet odor.

“Although can’t keep, but also have to smoke cat ah, alleviate life loneliness, alleviate work pressure.” Aimee, who traveled with li, told her that at first, she just looked at the cat video on the Internet and broadcast “cloud suction cat” on the Internet. As time went on, she began to feel more and more addicted to cats. In addition to watching video, she would “imagine” the fur, the warm touch of the body and the feeling of cuddling in her arms.

“I came across other places like cat coffee, so I often asked my sisters to come over.” She said with a smile that in addition to lonely peers who cannot keep cats, there are also some people who keep one or two “strings” of cat owners in their homes. However, the reason why this kind of people go to “cat coffee” consumption is just to find novelty and feel the nobleness that “serial” cannot bring to them. They even take photos of some expensive cats and post them on friends’ circle to show off, trying their best to find the sense of presence and attract others’ attention. “My girlfriends and I do it once a week, it’s a group purchase, it’s just for meat-handling.” Li tong tells understand understand note, two people are in every week “cat coffee” consumption is mostly 200 yuan or so. 800 yuan to 1000 yuan a month. The average cost of four or five hundred yuan per person is much lower than the cost of each cat, and it can meet social needs.

Whether it is the “cloud suction cat” popular in the past, or the “cat coffee” with Internet concept now, are all a kind of spiritual appeal under the loneliness of urban people. Many businesses and entrepreneurs make use of this appeal to guide users to be willing to support, consume and pay with the help of various characteristics such as the inner coldness of cats and the outward healing.

Cats have more Internet characteristics than dogs, so there’s a better chance of doing an Internet business for cats. This is a lot of short video, live with goods, Internet cafe, summed up in the daily business experience. Perhaps, under the promotion of many cat lovers, the cat is gradually transformed from a pet to a new species of “commercial property”, becoming a “tool” for businesses and entrepreneurial teams to make profits.

Behind the “fragrance” of cats, there is a huge consumer market caused by “autistic patients” in the Internet age, which seems to be developing a school of its own in Internet entrepreneurship.