How to see restaurant refuse to lead dog person dining behavior

Now many people keep pets as part of the family, usually at home to eat and live together, go shopping or go to a restaurant when the dog also want to go. As a dog lover, I still don’t think dogs should be taken to restaurants.

First of all, restaurants belong to public places, we should pay attention to their own behavior and quality, in public places should consider the feelings of all people.

Restaurants are places where people eat, and if we take a dog, it’s easy for the dog’s fur to drift into other people’s food. Some people are allergic constitution, open environment is ok, in a small space, closed environment, especially love allergy. If we take a dog to a restaurant, it can cause allergic reactions in other people with dog hair allergies.

Therefore, for the sake of dogs and others, try to raise a civilized dog.

We like dogs, but we don’t like uncivilized dog breeding. Now it is precisely because there are so many untethered trips to restaurants that dog lovers are becoming derogatory. Pet bacteria called on everyone to raise a civilized dog, to avoid their own dogs and bring trouble to others.



Why master go up toilet, the cat is to like to follow go in?

In recent years, the popularity of owning cats has almost surpassed that of dogs. Cats are not as clingy as dogs and don’t need to take time to walk. If you have something to do, leave him alone for a few days.

There are pet bacteria found at ordinary times in the home personality high cold cat, when there are pet bacteria into the toilet, will immediately curious with small steps to run over, clap-door, must open the door to drill in. No matter what the pet fungus says, it will come in and look at the pet fungus going to the toilet. So, why do cats like to watch their owners go to the bathroom?

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How to choose a cat can for a cat?

Most owners now choose the right kind of food for their cat, but there’s no way to choose from a can of cat. The cat can has the food material fresh, the palatability is good also can give does not like the water the cat to replenish the water and so on the merit, therefore many shovel excrement official all wants to choose the suitable cat can for the cat.

There are two kinds of canned cats. One is specially used as the staple food of cats. This kind of canned food has comprehensive and balanced nutrition, and can also be fed with dry food. Another is a can of cat snacks, which is mainly to give the cat extra nutrition, nutritional content is relatively simple. This requires the owner to choose the cat according to his own situation.

In addition, when selecting must carefully look at the cat can ingredients list, because cats are carnivores, so canned ingredients list should be meat based, and generally good cans are not whole grains such things.

When choosing a can of cat, the most important thing is whether your cat likes it or not. Now a lot of cats are more picky, shovel excrement officer can choose different cat like which, after all, cats like is king.



Smart pet home, is a gimmick or tuyere?

Xiao su left her two pet cats at home in Beijing during this year’s May Day holiday. “There are ‘pet cameras’ in real time, automatic feeders and water dispensers. After a few days, I won’t worry about the cat.” In recent years, the rapid growth of pet owners in China has boosted the pet economy and the smart home industry has developed rapidly. Intelligent products with different functions cover all aspects of pet “eating, drinking, defecating and sleeping”, saving time and effort. Sounds cool and looks beautiful, but are pet smart home products a tuyere or a gimmick?

Covers cat “eating, drinking, defecating and sleeping”

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The 3 needles protect life vaccine of dog, how to hit?

I have seen countless pet cats and dogs, because they were not vaccinated in time, they were brought home by the buyers and suffered from distemper, parvo, coronavirus and other fatal diseases, which caused the owners to be extremely sad and want to cry without tears.

The environment a dog lives in before and after birth, before coming to its owner’s home, and during transportation can lead to fatal infections.

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How to see if the beagle is healthy according to its eyes

There are too many places where dogs of the week are found, and for many newbies, it’s hard to tell if a dog is healthy, even when it’s younger than a bear. Here’s what a healthy bichon’s eyes look like.

A healthy beagle has bright, expressive eyes with clean, even lashes and moist circles. Many diseases in bichon dogs are reflected in the eyes.

The conjunctiva of the eye (the inside of the eyelid) congestion flush is a sign of some infectious diseases, heat diseases.

Yellow staining of the conjunctiva of the eye (beige) indicates possible liver lesions in bichon dogs.

Ocular conjunctival pallor is caused by various causes of anemia in bichon dogs.

The cornea (the outermost layer of the eyeball) is cloudy and white spots may be the middle and late stage of beardistemper, or simple keratitis; If the cornea appears blue-gray, it is more likely to have infectious hepatitis (clinically known as “hepatitis blue eye “).

This is especially true if you have too much eye poop, as is the case with many bear-suffering distemper and infectious hepatitis.

Wuhan bicuron with healthy eyes is the best choice for its owners. In the process of purchase, the owners should not be careless. They should do the most basic selection carefully and carefully. Bichons generally have no eye problems and are rarely susceptible to other infectious diseases, so owners should take extra care.

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How does dog get dog plague to treat

How does dog dog get dog plague to treat

How does dog dog get dog plague to do? The pet dog of my home, a few days ago return live and disorderly of, today how have no spirit no vitality! Perhaps you keep pet people will encounter this kind of problem, not afraid of today tao dog net for everyone to carry enough a secret recipe, I hope to help you!

1, the first 3 days of continuous 3 days of canine distemper or serum, the dose is 1 ml per kilogram of body weight, must be continuous 3 days, less no effect, more waste

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How to comb the double coat of corgi?

The corgi’s double coat is meant for outdoor living, with the outer layer of rough, waterproof hair and the inner layer of soft fur. They shed a lot of hair, twice a year, in spring and fall, the season of the corgis. What should be done to the coat?

1、Start with the comb

First, we use a needle comb, like the Furminator, to loosen the knots and remove the loose hairs that are attached to the skin. This kind of comb has a metal tip, which can comb the hair easily. Brush gently, without applying too much force, as this will irritate the skin and, after a few minutes of brushing, a lot of fluff will fall off the dog.

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Believe it or not, a pet store that can earn 80,000 yuan a month just by providing beauty services?

Generally, a pet shop includes living animals, commodities, grooming, and foster care. Some people also say that pet shops with a monthly turnover of 80,000 ~ 100,000 account for almost half of the sales of goods, and there must be a live business, while the common cleaning and beauty account for a small proportion.

But in Taiwan, there is a “dream pet beauty” does not touch goods, no live, but only by the pet beauty of a single business, opened four chain stores, each store monthly turnover is stable at 300,000 to 350,000 new Taiwan dollars (about 60,000 to 80,000 yuan).

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