How to see if the beagle is healthy according to its eyes

There are too many places where dogs of the week are found, and for many newbies, it’s hard to tell if a dog is healthy, even when it’s younger than a bear. Here’s what a healthy bichon’s eyes look like.

A healthy beagle has bright, expressive eyes with clean, even lashes and moist circles. Many diseases in bichon dogs are reflected in the eyes.

The conjunctiva of the eye (the inside of the eyelid) congestion flush is a sign of some infectious diseases, heat diseases.

Yellow staining of the conjunctiva of the eye (beige) indicates possible liver lesions in bichon dogs.

Ocular conjunctival pallor is caused by various causes of anemia in bichon dogs.

The cornea (the outermost layer of the eyeball) is cloudy and white spots may be the middle and late stage of beardistemper, or simple keratitis; If the cornea appears blue-gray, it is more likely to have infectious hepatitis (clinically known as “hepatitis blue eye “).

This is especially true if you have too much eye poop, as is the case with many bear-suffering distemper and infectious hepatitis.

Wuhan bicuron with healthy eyes is the best choice for its owners. In the process of purchase, the owners should not be careless. They should do the most basic selection carefully and carefully. Bichons generally have no eye problems and are rarely susceptible to other infectious diseases, so owners should take extra care.

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How does dog get dog plague to treat

How does dog dog get dog plague to treat

How does dog dog get dog plague to do? The pet dog of my home, a few days ago return live and disorderly of, today how have no spirit no vitality! Perhaps you keep pet people will encounter this kind of problem, not afraid of today tao dog net for everyone to carry enough a secret recipe, I hope to help you!

1, the first 3 days of continuous 3 days of canine distemper or serum, the dose is 1 ml per kilogram of body weight, must be continuous 3 days, less no effect, more waste

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How to comb the double coat of corgi?

The corgi’s double coat is meant for outdoor living, with the outer layer of rough, waterproof hair and the inner layer of soft fur. They shed a lot of hair, twice a year, in spring and fall, the season of the corgis. What should be done to the coat?

1、Start with the comb

First, we use a needle comb, like the Furminator, to loosen the knots and remove the loose hairs that are attached to the skin. This kind of comb has a metal tip, which can comb the hair easily. Brush gently, without applying too much force, as this will irritate the skin and, after a few minutes of brushing, a lot of fluff will fall off the dog.

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Why are there so few pet Tours?

I replied a year ago and now I have left the company.

Our company is just starting to do pet tourism. Currently in shenzhen. I hope we can communicate.

Before the company was a chain pet store acquisition, still do pet travel, every weekend holiday, will make the travel route.

The main way is that the company makes the route, releases in advance, the public number registers, the company packs the bus, arranges the boarding point, sets out, generally one or two days, and the hotel also has negotiated, can bring the dog to check in. Photographers took photos.

As pets become more important in their owners’ hearts, many people are willing to spend money to keep many fond memories of their pets.

Take shenzhen as an example, many people want to take dogs out to play, but they do not have many cars, many drivers are not willing to take dogs, especially big dogs, rejection rate is very high, personal experience.

Pets are banned in many places, especially hotels and restaurants.

So, in general, there’s a market.

But there are limitations.

  1. Subject to weather factors. Shenzhen this hot days, rainy days, rainy days directly cancelled, too hot to prevent heatstroke dog.
  2. Fighting between dogs. Dogs are not allowed to participate, but there will still be a lot of bad character, love fighting dogs.

3, can only play around, can not go too far. It is basically the place that the bus can go to, and after a long bumpy journey, the dog cannot bear it. If the flight involves the pet consignment, the cost is too expensive, let alone go abroad.

Chinese people have spent 170.8 billion CNY on pets. Do you still dare to keep them?

Recently, the white paper on China’s pet industry in 2018 was released. China’s pet (dog and cat) consumer market reached 170.8 billion yuan in 2018, up 27 percent from the 134 billion yuan in 2017, according to the report.

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