How to see if the beagle is healthy according to its eyes

There are too many places where dogs of the week are found, and for many newbies, it’s hard to tell if a dog is healthy, even when it’s younger than a bear. Here’s what a healthy bichon’s eyes look like.

A healthy beagle has bright, expressive eyes with clean, even lashes and moist circles. Many diseases in bichon dogs are reflected in the eyes.

The conjunctiva of the eye (the inside of the eyelid) congestion flush is a sign of some infectious diseases, heat diseases.

Yellow staining of the conjunctiva of the eye (beige) indicates possible liver lesions in bichon dogs.

Ocular conjunctival pallor is caused by various causes of anemia in bichon dogs.

The cornea (the outermost layer of the eyeball) is cloudy and white spots may be the middle and late stage of beardistemper, or simple keratitis; If the cornea appears blue-gray, it is more likely to have infectious hepatitis (clinically known as “hepatitis blue eye “).

This is especially true if you have too much eye poop, as is the case with many bear-suffering distemper and infectious hepatitis.

Wuhan bicuron with healthy eyes is the best choice for its owners. In the process of purchase, the owners should not be careless. They should do the most basic selection carefully and carefully. Bichons generally have no eye problems and are rarely susceptible to other infectious diseases, so owners should take extra care.

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