Cat coffee is hot because it cures social autism?

The proliferation of traditional cafes offering a third space and Internet cafes dominated by takeout instant drinks has made the “xiaozi” drink available. Drink coffee, already became many xiaozi, white-collar everyday recreational, the first selection means of feed. So, would anyone care for a 99 yuan instant coffee made with powder? Believe the answer is no. But add some elements or conditions to the expensive instant coffee – such as stroking the cat while drinking it – and you’ll find that the meow changes…

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Why do cats like to go to the bathroom?

TIG courage is small, have what breeze move, can have reaction immediately. Miraculously, he is not afraid of water, or even, when the toilet is open, he comes to play.

His curiosity about the toilet was too strong. Whoever takes a bath in it, and sits in the pit, will see it through the glass door.

It had been said before that the cat was afraid that we might drown, and so kept watch in great fear.

But when I go to the toilet, it will also immediately curious small small step to run over, clings to the door, must open the door to drill into. No surprise success, waiting for me to come out, again the cat body rushed in.

As a naturally water-shy cat, why are you so interested in a wet toilet?

Recently know the answer, cats as cats, territorial awareness is very strong.

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How to choose between adopting and buying pets?

1. Many cats and dogs in shelters only have to be “adopted” or “put to rest”. If they can be adopted, they can be saved.

2. For myself, there is a lot of money left over from adoption (the cost of buying a pet, the cost of possible sterilization and first immunization, the cost of initial training of a pet, etc.), and from another perspective, it is comforting and comforting.

3. While many people love purebred dogs and cats, they think that shelters are filled with unwanted “hybrids.” On this point, there is a pet jun think, at present, purebred cats and dogs may exist potential disease hidden danger is not small. In this respect, mixed cats and dogs are largely immune from this risk. Also, the shelter isn’t without purebred dogs and cats. There’s always the right one for you, if you want it

4 for waiting for their own fate of small animals, abandoned by the owner is a very painful thing, if someone can take them, show their own warmth to them, give them a good home, that would be a more happy thing.



Cats don’t like litter boxes! How to teach it

The potty and poop are two of the most important things in a cat’s life, and the key to training a cat to have proper parenting. It is recommended to start by training the cat to defecate at home and then increase the training requirements after the cat feels its new environment becomes its home.

(1) cats are accustomed to finding a soft place to use the toilet, and most kittens can use the toilet instinctively at the age of 4 to 6 weeks. The retarded ones need help:

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Why master go up toilet, the cat is to like to follow go in?

In recent years, the popularity of owning cats has almost surpassed that of dogs. Cats are not as clingy as dogs and don’t need to take time to walk. If you have something to do, leave him alone for a few days.

There are pet bacteria found at ordinary times in the home personality high cold cat, when there are pet bacteria into the toilet, will immediately curious with small steps to run over, clap-door, must open the door to drill in. No matter what the pet fungus says, it will come in and look at the pet fungus going to the toilet. So, why do cats like to watch their owners go to the bathroom?

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