The 3 needles protect life vaccine of dog, how to hit?

I have seen countless pet cats and dogs, because they were not vaccinated in time, they were brought home by the buyers and suffered from distemper, parvo, coronavirus and other fatal diseases, which caused the owners to be extremely sad and want to cry without tears.

The environment a dog lives in before and after birth, before coming to its owner’s home, and during transportation can lead to fatal infections.

So here to tell you pet friends, vaccination on time for dogs, is to protect life. Be sure to receive at least two shots of the vaccine.

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The right way to bathe a dog

Don’t think that bathing is easy. Bathing a dog is like bathing a human baby. If you bathe in the wrong way, it can make your dog resistant to bathing, or it can lead to illness. That’s a good point. Teach your dog the right way to bathe right now.

1.Brush and clean eyes and ears

Brush your dog before wet water to remove any loose hair and remove the knots, reducing the tangles that get worse when wet. Since you need to keep water out of your eyes and ears when taking a shower, clean these sensitive areas first. Wipe the corners of your dog’s eyes with a warm, wet towel and wash your eyes and ears with special eye drops and ear drops. Dogs with more fluffy ears also have ear plucks in case cerumen builds up, creating an environment in which bacteria can thrive. After that, you can put medical cotton in your dog’s ears to prevent water from entering your ears when you take a shower later. More exquisite can be put on the dog’s eye cream, to protect the eyes.

2. Confirm water temperature

Before bathing, the owner should adjust the water temperature before putting the dog into the water. Otherwise, the inappropriate water temperature can startle them, creating a psychological fear of bathing. The appropriate water temperature for a dog is just a touch warm.

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How to see restaurant refuse to lead dog person dining behavior

Now many people keep pets as part of the family, usually at home to eat and live together, go shopping or go to a restaurant when the dog also want to go. As a dog lover, I still don’t think dogs should be taken to restaurants.

First of all, restaurants belong to public places, we should pay attention to their own behavior and quality, in public places should consider the feelings of all people.

Restaurants are places where people eat, and if we take a dog, it’s easy for the dog’s fur to drift into other people’s food. Some people are allergic constitution, open environment is ok, in a small space, closed environment, especially love allergy. If we take a dog to a restaurant, it can cause allergic reactions in other people with dog hair allergies.

Therefore, for the sake of dogs and others, try to raise a civilized dog.

We like dogs, but we don’t like uncivilized dog breeding. Now it is precisely because there are so many untethered trips to restaurants that dog lovers are becoming derogatory. Pet bacteria called on everyone to raise a civilized dog, to avoid their own dogs and bring trouble to others.