Will you pay for the “it economy”

In the popular variety show “longing for life”, shiba inu, Muscovy duck and lamb are loved by the audience for their “human” images such as “eating machine ladle”, “philosopher Nicholas lamp” and “eaveseaveson the heavenly tyrant in the corner”. On weibo, weiwei and pipi have easily gained 161,000 fans for their “gentlemen talk but don’t do anything” fight sitcoms. Weibo cute pet chaohua community has attracted 127,000 fans, with 142,000 posts so far receiving 6.43 billion views…

The cute pet element has swept across social media platforms, becoming one of the most popular content, the reporter found. At the same time, web celebrity pet live promotion, e-commerce with goods, also obtained a large traffic dividend. How does a pet become web celebrity? Web celebrity pet created “it economy” phenomenon and how to promote traffic into sales?

Role marketing to create circle fans “dog Dan” “cat design”

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Have you contributed to the 100 billion dollar pet market?

Nowadays, keeping pets has become a part of many People’s Daily life, and the cuteness of cats and dogs attracts people to spend a lot of money. “both cats and dogs” is even teased as a sign of life winner. The number of pet owners in China rose 24 percent last year, with the annual per capita consumption of a single pet up 15 percent year-on-year, according to the 2018 white paper on China’s pet industry.

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